A Wobots Christmas (also known as Roboty in Poland or just simply Wobots) is a CG-animated Christmas special. It is by far one of the most bizarre and obscure CG children movies of all time.


The plot centers around Zak, an orphan boy with a lisp, which meets a robot named PD-3 and they go on an adventure

DeMoto in all of his pedo glory.

saving the said orphanage from an evil cyborg named DeMoto.


  • Zak - a orphan with a lisp.
  • PD-3 - binocular-esque malfunctioning robot.
  • DeMoto - a former robot factory worker which "became bonkers after replacing his own parts". He speaks with a very thick accent and has a very raspy voice. His goal was to make a zombie army out of the orphanage children after "replacing their minds with microsims" and then use it to conquer the world.


Due to the fact that the movie remains unknown by many, it was never brought to a public coverage, but few people that saw it think it's very obscure and too creepy for little children.


  • A rumor goes that A Wobots Christmas was just an animation test for Hoodwinked.