Cameos, in-jokes, re-used animation and other trivia from Animal Soccer World.


  • Cromell has a similar design to Sasha.


Re-used animation

  • Like in every other Dingo Pictures film, most of the animation, especially the animal animations, is reused many times, like a "stock pile" of animal animation. For example, a bulldog who is usually named Butch or Butcher is used in both Animal Soccer World and Dalmatians 2.

Other trivia

  • This film is a "knock-off" of Bedknobs and Broomsticks".
  • There exists an English-dubbed version made by the Dutch knock-off PS2 game company Phoenix Games. It has become infamous on YouTube for its questionable English dub, and its poor original audio removal, where, every time anyone speaks, a bongo drum riff MIDI track is laid over.