• FireComicNotHard

    Remember how I said I was gonna make a revamp of Little And Big Monsters/What's up? 

    Well, I made a discord server! you can join here (if you like) so you can support my revamp!:

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  • Clancy.long1
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  • Mooncatsunbird

    to be correct this was not created by video brinquedo  it was actually created by Morning Star entertainment 

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  • Clippy the useless Office assistant

    I've made a new Mockbuster Wiki, just to provide an alternative to this fucked up place (excuse me fof the expression, but that's just what this wiki has become). Before you edit anything, read the rules first, and notice that my wiki it's hosted on Miraheze, because FANDOM sucks sometimes. Link: See ya.

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  • Mexigum

    Log date:12/20/2019

    December 20, 2019 by Mexigum

    It's been a few days since I've joined this page. 

    Only a few.

    And yet, my mind is racing. 

    My heart. It's pounding. 

    My fingers. They twitch. 

    My mouth. It curls. 

    It curls into the most macabre of smiles. 

    NO. NO

    It's starting to take control.

    I can't let it control me. I CANT.

    God. Whats happening to me?

    It's only been a few days.

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  • Olbrzymi i Lepki

    Sooo guys, first off the disclaimer - im not good at english because im from Poland, sorry for that. Tell me if i should remake more Dingo Pictures movies into decent ones. Let's start off with King of The Jungle.

    The movie would be live-action, with CGI animals like in The Jungle Book.

    Its 1918 in Africa, and the movie opens with two british soldiers in the jungle, digging in a mine, looking for diamonds. They however get killed (offscreen, because you know - PG rating) by a black panther. Soon the cat discovers the diamonds himself, and he finds out that they posess some pretty cool powers, like being able to shoot lightnings, they can act as an endless power supply, etc. Soon after, the leader of the gorilla pack also goes inside the mine…

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