Little Bee
Bug Bites An Ant's Life
Knock-off of A Bug's Life (Pixar Animation Studios, 1998)
Antz (DreamWorks SKG, 1998)
Other titles An Ant's Life
Directed by TBA
Produced by TBA
Written by TBA
Starring TBA
Music by TBA
Editing by TBA
Distributed by UAV Entertainment (USA)
Release dates 1998
Running time 25 mins
Country United States
Language English
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An Ant's Life - FULL MOVIE

An Ant's Life - FULL MOVIE

The full movie.

Bug Bites: An Ant's Life is a mockbuster made in 1998. It was the first 3D mockbuster and also the first made by Sterling Entertainment, Spark Plug Enterainment, and Michael Schelp. It is criticized for being a rip-off of A Bug's Life and Antz. It was later re-released on DVD in 2006.

The original 1998 VHS for this had the 1971 Aesop's Fables special as filler. This was replaced on the 2006 DVD with four additional public domain cartoons for the same reason. The cartoons that were included are Doggone Tired, To Spring, Teacher's Pest, and Farm Frolics. The filler cartoons are often considered by many people who watched it to be better than the film itself.


A caterpillar eats leaves with his friends. But his friends get eaten by Malaysian Geckos who then chase the caterpillar who is almost killed by a spider.

Later, three ants, which we’re gonna call Orange, Purple and Brown, meet the caterpillar. Afterwards, a pink ant which we’ll call Pink flies above the (garden, field ?) and lands in front of them and they find a nest where she can lay her eggs.

Orange, Purple and Brown then meet again with the caterpillar and they meet a praying antis who is seen eating her husband. Then, caterpillar gets inside a cocoon. The geckos find the praying mantis and are about to eat her but she pinches the white one’s tongue and leaves. By the way, the geckos are the only good characters in the movie because they’re trying to save us from the horror that are the other characters.

Pink lays more and more eggs and there is a montage of the geckos eating bugs, and the praying mantis finds it annoying for no reason. Then, Orange finds out that Pink is an ant from another species and is TERRIFIED by the fact she doesn‘t like to eat seeds. I mean, raising an army to take over the (garden, field ?) is one thing, BUT NOT WANTING TO EAT SEEDS ? SHE’S A MONSTER !

Anyways, so what kind of plan does the ant have ? Use caterpillar, who is now a moth, to get the geckos to chase him to the ant nest TO eat all the baby ants. So moth finds the geckos who chase him but he is attacked by a dragonfly. He camouflages to escape, but the geckos almost kill him. He is also attacked by a spider, but escapes.

Meanwhile, Pink is guiding her army of baby ants and is preparing to kill Orange, Purple and Brown, but moth comes and the geckos eat all of the babies. Oh, an the praying mantis rips off the gecko’s tails despite not being strong enough and the day is saved.