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Carinhurs (Known as Sweet Bear in the English version) is the major antagonist in The Little Panda Fighter.

The Little Panda Fighter

When we first meet Carinhurs in the movie, he is seen trying to beat up Niggee Bear but gets Falcon Punched right in the dick and probably got put in a coma until the middle of the film. 

When we see him again, he talks to Pancada about the fight and Pancada gets excited because he thinks Carinhurs is talking about his dancing. Unfortunately, Carinhurs is never seen again for the remainder of the film. 

Most likey dying in hospital to a dick hemerage thanks to all the knockouts he got to his dick. 

Before dying in hospital he is confrounted by Tenderheart Bear and almost gets rekt by Tenderheart Bear by having been chocked on by Tenderheart Bear's dick in his mouth 



A rip-off cheap Care Bear



  • He is a ripoff of Tenderheart Bear from Carebears.
  • Some say he was the only decent character in the film. Why couldn't the film just focus on him? 
  • His poor dick had to be cut off but soon died of blood loss because bears cant operate properly