Dalmatians 2 (or ...more Dalmatians according to the Dingo website) is a Dingo Pictures feature. Both Dalmatians 2 and its re-release, Dalmatians 3, have the peculiaririty of having more movie than playability.


Dalmatians 2 and Dalmatians 3 share the same plot, and in neither cases has something to do with the front cover.

Dalmatians 3 re-release

Our old lady loves cookies a lot, doen't [sic] she? Lets get some from the market for her. The cookies are taken without paying. The vendor calls the police and the Dalmatians are locked up. You will never come out of here says Butch, the Bulldog. No way that we will stay here, says Kruimel. I have got an idea...
~ Dalmatians 3 game back cover, demonstrating an astounding fluency in English.

Dalmatians 2 was later re-released for the PS2, this time titled as Dalmatians 3.

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The box art was also changed. In the D2 cover, there's many dalmatian puppies, two of them are adult dalmatians. In the D3 cover, a Cruella De Vil-like character is holding a cigarette holder, with Pongo-like and Perdita-like adult dalmatians near her, as well as dalmatian puppies running away from her. Since none of this characters are featured in the movie at any point, this is yet another example of Dingo Pictures' outrageously misleading advertising.

Like many PS2 games, a Pairs game and a Puzzle game were added.

Re-used animation

Like in every other Dingo Pictures film, most of the animation, especially the animal animations, is reused many times, like a "stock pile" of animal animation. For exanple, a bulldog who is usually named Butch or Butcher is used in both Animal Soccer World and in this movie.



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Dalmatians 3 2 5


Dalmatians 3 3 5


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Dalmatians 3 5 5

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