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Niggee Bear is the secondary antagonist in The Little Panda Fighter. He is introduced as the main villain, but is later outranked by the true bad guy but only because he let him win. He let him win because he's such a good guy.

The Little Panda Fighter

At the start of the movie, Niggee Bear is seen in the boxing ring checking out the girl on the skates probably. However, he ends up getting Carinhurs almost killed. 

Later on in the movie, he is seen fighting the Polar Bear guy (i think he is called Polario) and wants to kill him, put him in the oven and make him into minced beef. However, he gets slightly hurt and doesn't feel like fighting.

At the end of the film, Niggee Bear and Pancada fight for Katie's love. They beat up eachother in the boxing ring but Niggee Bear goes home because he gets very bored, but still wins Katie's heart.

He may have a crush on Katie because she says he is dreamy. He is also friends with Mama Luigi. 

He later goes back to his kingdom which is called Niggee Land.


Coolest guy ever, most people wish they could be cool like him.

Being the ruler of Niggee Land he is a very noble person. He's the best person in the universe and sometimes he wishes he could be a regular person instead of living his life as a god.



  • He once faught Chuck Norris and almost won.
  • He was born before the dawn of time and accidentally created the universe when opening a bag of hot Cheetos.
  • He is now ruler of the land Niggee Land named after the creator of the universe, the last ruler(Polario Bear) was doing a bad job ruling it so Niggee took over his kingdom and now Niggee owns it.