Guto is one of the main protagonists from What's UP: Balloon to the Rescue!

What's UP

At the beginning of the movie, Guto is seen watching a show about the Monster Chasers from Little & Big Monsters as he repeatedly tries to flip the couch. Amanda walks in, and knocks Guto off the couch, and tells him to stop trying to flip it. This causes Guto to want to kill Amanda, so he yells out the window, asking Dr. Crumb to send the house into the stratosphere so he and Amanda can suffocate. His next attempt to get revenge is when he sends the house to the Amazon, hoping he would get a chance to see Amanda get killed by piranhas. Later on, Guto is watching TV in the same room as Jean Pierre and Amanda. Jean Pierre drugs Guto so he falls asleep and Jean Pierre starts flipping Amanda. In the next scene, Guto tries to harass the monsters by eating cookies in front of them. After they capture the monster in China, Guto complains about the Chinese tourist being stuck in the force field with the monsters. This scene was included so Video Brinquedo could add in some racist comments because they felt like it. Later on, Guto is the only one who is not hypnotised by Jean Pierre. He pretends to be hypnotised by trying to crap on the floor whenever Jean talks to him. Guto gets a bunch of balloons and starts floating to the ground while the house is sent downwards. He tries to get the monsters into the portal and says racist things about the Chinese guy.


Guto feels that he's not a significant member of the team, and he tries to contribute to the team throughout the movie to get more recognition. He's also racist for some reason.

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