In a school where they prepare the princesses of fairy tales, studied five inseparable friends: Cindy, Bianca, Hime, Iria and Zade. There, they learn to behave like the heroines of fairy tales that we already know. But with this class, the hallways at school will be the scene of a mess after another.

Although implemented, the five friends are always tucked in major trouble. They are curious and smart, which gives a special touch ace adventures of these princesses.


  • Bianca (AKA Not Snow White) - The most naive of the group, believes in everything we tell her. Does not see evil in anything, it is often this behavior that leads her friends scrapes. Bianca loves animals, if she could have a pet of each species. The problem is that school rules do not allow girls to have pets. But she still brings pets! How stupid is she?
  • Cindy (..I don't even have to put an AKA,they just blatantly altered Cinderella's name) - The leader of the class is determined and knows what she wants. It is very inquisitive and not wait passively agree to the prince. She likes adventures, even if it goes against what teachers teach. This little princess is the most proud of the class, and lives dreaming about having a glass slipper of rage.
  • Hime (AKA Not Mulan) - It's wayward, spoiled and very angry, get angry easily, martial artist and sometimes solves the trouble in which the girls get themselves. Still, it's a melted butter and cries easily. She's also very bratty 😡
  • Iriá (AKA Not Tiana)- is the wisest of princes, brings the right advice at the right time. Understand a little bit of magic, but the problem is that often your spells do not end up coming out as expected, increasing trouble trying to solve.She first appears in The Frog Prince.
  • Zade (AKA Not Jasmine) - The most romantic and dreamy princesses, following school rules strictly and avoid meddling in the adventures of friends. She thinks it's all dangerous and would rather not do anything without telling teachers. It has a very fertile imagination and everything ends up winning frightening proportions.
  • Madame Drastic (AKA Not Wicked Queen) - Responsible for the class charms, is the darkest of the teachers. They say she is a witch, but nobody is sure. She suspects the girls and does everything to be caught by Mrs. Grimm.


Season 1

# English title Portugese title Description
1 "Sleeping Beauties" "As Belas Adormecidas" The princesses find the Sleeping Beauty spinning wheel. Whenever someone touches the pointed bit, they fall asleep, and Cindy has to find a prince to wake them up.
2 "The Enchanted Frog" "O Sapo Encantado" Iria gets turned into a frog.
3 "Defenseless Princes" "Príncipes Indefesos" A shadow passes the princesses, who are curious to find out where it came from

Season 2

# English title Portugese title Description
1 "Bianca's Dragon"

"O Dragão de Bianca"

You know about those shitloads of cheesy family movies where some loner kid adopts and bonds with some type of animal? You could just watch those instead of this.
2 "The Enchanted Flower" "Flor Encantada" The princesses are amazed when they see an enchanted flower. It's clear that VB's writing department is just throwing out shit as they go.
3 "The Delicate Challenge" "O Desafio Delicado" The princesses are up to a challenge.

Season 3

# English title Portugese title Description
1 "3 Orders" "3 Pedidos" The princesses try to give out orders.
2 "The Giant and the Butterfly" "O Gigante e a Borboleta"
3 "The Hampered Fairy" "A Fadinha Atrapalhada"

Season 4

# English title Portugese title Description
1 "The Summer Student" "A Aluna de Verão"
2 "The Idiot" "O Stupido
3 "The Lead Soldier" "O Soldadinho de Chumbo"


In a related series of DVDs, a wide range of products are being launched every year in the Brazilian market . There is a line of games, consisting of: puzzle, game of memory and dominoes, which were launched in 2009. It also launched a product line thus coloring the characters.

The school / girls castle was launched in the market, so mountable and a line of dolls was released, containing three versions (common agarradinhos and dolls to paint on vinyl). DVDs related series have sold nearly 2 million copies.

The characters were also released for use as 'theater with finger puppets' and a computer game, called "Princesses Fashion Day" was released with a more adult version of Cindy and Co.