Would your parents have a new kid, aren't you go out of dubslin lid!
~ Mama and papa allez guau lo bebe, los elefantes pawu niderci der.
You'd look so handsome without you're face
Vital statistics
Title Peek
Gender Ghost
Race North Korean, Chinese, Russian
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Health Dead
Level 1
Status Dead
Location North Korea

Peek (Italian: Yee; Chinese: ㄧ; Yī) is an autistic/Aspergic pedophile from North Korea/China/Russia that loves to rape people, especially Tio, in very harmful ways such as giving them anal sex. a bit after the film was finished, he was arrested and charged with rape, child molest, and sexual harassment, he was then put in jail and given death penalty. Yay, he died! 靠北啦!你有以為你很會操是不是?

Description and personality

Peek is a green Ankylosaurus with dog- or piglike ears, suggesting his character design is actually a modified version of either a dog or a pig character from one of Dingo Pictures' other films. Another peculiar thing is that Peek has a spine on his nose, which a real Ankylosaurus does not have.

In the film, Peek is probably meant to be a comic relief character, doing nothing of real value. He spends all of his time purposefully annoying the other characters by uttering rhymes with his high pitched voice. He seems to be slightly sadistic, as he enjoys it when other characters get into trouble, without considering their feelings. Examples of this are when he snitched about Cree trying to make Tio fly and jokingly rhyming about Tio being replaced by his parents with a new kid.

The Yee meme

Peek plays a central role in the Yee Meme. The origins of said meme are in the Italian version of Dinosaur Adventure and happen during the scene where Oro berates Peek for joking Tio has been forgotten by his parents. In the Italian version, it sounded like Oro was yelling "Yee". Using music tracks and footage from the film, YouTuber Revergo made a video, in which Peek was singing and saying "pa", after which Oro interrupts him by yelling Yee. This video became a meme and spawned multiple other versions of it.

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