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Sparky is a red car, from A Cars Life: Sparky's Big Adventure, A Cars rip-off from Spark Plug Entertainment, Anyway he is seen being an obnoxious whiney little piece of junk, He may have Autism. His dad Tender is seen telling him to grow up, but Sparky (a smartass) says his grown up, His mother is dead because there's she died off screen before the release of Sparky's Big Adventure. His girlfriend (who has probably snorted a whole bunch of meth or another Autistic piece of crap (Speedy) is seen with Sparky, After watching Lance Hotrod, Sparky broke up with her Instead is now with his favourite prostitute Diesel, Ever since the death of Sparky's cousin Piston, Diesel and Sparky had babies between movies (Diesel is possibly a car prostitute)


Smartass, cheeky

His favourite prostitute is Diesel

Is the ex-boyfriend of Speedy

Has 2 Baby Cars Sparky Jr and Charollote