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Wabuu: The Cheeky Raccoon (or just called Wabuu) is a 1996 German animated film from mockbuster company Dingo Pictures. The film is based on The Jungle Book.


The episode begins with two birds pooping on Wabuu. Wabuu then tells Charlie the cat about his way to catch sunlight, which is really just an excuse for Wabuu to drink Charlie's milk. Charlie finds out and a bear comes in and wants to beat up Wabuu. Wabuu manages to prank the bear with the help of the two gophers, Mimo and Mac. The bear hits his head on a tree but is happy again when Wabuu gives him chocolates. Later, Wuschel the squirrelwants Wabuu to help him cross the river before the winter comes. So Wabuu goes to Alfred's house to get an axe but is then noticed by Alfred's dogs, so Wabuu tricks them to dig a hole and fill it with water to catch a burglar. Wabuu returns to cut down a tree to use as a bridge but unfortunately the tree had a nest, after it was cut down the egg from the nest fell out. So Wabuu finds the egg with a lot of help form all the animals and then discovers that the egg was safe and has already hatched out a baby bird. Wabuu then discovers Wuschel is missing, Wabuu and the animals are really angry. Eventually, after rescuing Wuschel, Mummel the rabbit says no one can go near Wuschel until the next day. The next day, Wabuu gives Wuschel canned peanuts to make up for his mistake. Wabuu and all the animals then have a celebration which ends up with a lot of sneezes.





Wabuu (Dingo Pictures) - English Dub


Dingo Pictures' Wabuu the Cheeky Raccoon Pesukarhu Wabuu (Finnish Dub)

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